The Albanian Riviera



The Albanian Riviera

D1 : Tirana

Landing at the Tirana "Mother Theresa" international airport. There, you will be greeted and guided to your hotel.


D2 : Dhermi

Let's go to the seaside village of Dhermi! High mountains falling straight in the clear and blue waters of the Ionnian sea, typical villages, small coves, olive trees, and citrus, ... Here is the setting of this amazing region of Albania.

The village of Dhermi is a place both quiet, thanks to the sea and olive tree, and busy with its parties and all sorts of music.

Overnight stay Dhermi.

D3 : Discovery of the canyon of Gjipe.

We will take the boat to reach Dhermi and go explore the sumptuous canyon of Gjipe. Earth created here a bed covered with vegetation for the Gjipe river, stretching all the way to the sea. The canyon, with its surrounding plants, fits perfectly with the wonderful colors of the Ionnian sea. 

In the afternoon, you will go back to Dhermi.


D4 : Qeparo village and the Ali pacha fortress.

Let's go to the village of Qeparo. You will find there typical houses from the region, as well as a splendid view from the heights, over the sea. The preciously kept traditions and its aforsaid assets gave the village the title of "most beautiful village of the Riviera".

Not so far from there is a nice fortress, bearing the name of "Vasilika". It was built by Ali Pacha de Tepelena, out of love for one of the young women in his harem. We will go visit it.

Trip back to Dhermi.

D5 : Dhermi

Today, we will enjoy again the beautiful beach of Dhermi.

This will be a day dedicated to relaxation on the coast.

You also have to possibility to go sea kayaking.


D6 : Llogora National Park.

Are you ready to follow the path Caesar once took to seize the power back in Rome in 48 B.C. ? Let's go! A few hours of hike in the Llogara National Parl will allow you to dive into the landscapes full of pines and other marine trees. After a few hours of hike, a stupendous view over the Ionnian sea will whet your appetite. A picnic is planned in the park. You will then have some free time to contemplate the panorama.

In the afternoon, you will go back to Dhermi.


D7 : Back to Tirana.

And here we are, back in the capital city of Albania. With its brights colors and busy nightlife, Tirana is the nerve center of the country. By visiting the National Museum of History, you will have the opportunity to make a summary of the local history as well as your trip in Albania. Then, you will be able to visit all three must-see places of worship: the Et'hem Bey mosque, and the orthodox and catholic cathedrals. All three together will teach you more about the religious harmony prevailing in Albania.

D8 : Tirana ‘’Mother Theresa ‘’ airport.

One last nice coffee at the "Mother Theresa" airport before catching your flight and the one left thing to do is telling you ‘’Mirupafshim’’.